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20080216/17 Cain Telefest – edited for extra photos

Another pilgrimage to Vancouver Island this weekend, this time for the Mt.Cain Telefest. This was my 4th annual trip (there not being one in ’05 due to no snow), and once again, it didn’t disappoint!

We had a huge gang this year: Andrew, Suzanne, Jacek and I as usual; Margaret, Kala, Louisa and Sara, their three Swedish friends; Andy, Jas and both their girlfriends from Victoria, and Paul and Joanie from Comox.

The hill is a rustic volunteer run area waaay up a logging road, but the setting is spectacular:

You have to watch out for the marauding locals though:

In the morning Andy, Margaret, Kala, Suzanne and I all raced the parallel Giant Slalom. The first time I’ve raced gates and it was great fun. First run I pipped Andy by a second or so. Second run he caught and edge and lost a ski, but was very proud to obtain the slowest overall finish time! We all ended up mid field.

Possibly the best thing about Cain is the ridiculously easy-to-access backcountry. West Bowl is right off the upper T-bar:

There was tiny crust in there, but not enough to really cause problems. It certainly didn’t slow Andrew down:


Margaret dropping in over the lip:


Lower down, Andy was getting a good rooster tail going:

Margaret found a nice untracked spot and promptly shredded it:

Suzanne was next down:


Andrew, Margaret and Suzanne, back inbounds, with Mt.Abel in the background:

Mt.Cain, just above the top of the resort, has some great lines if you don’t mind a short hike:

View to Mt. Abel. 3 guys skied the "Dream Couloir" (centre left) on Sunday morning. Jealous, me?

For our next lap into the bowl, we bootpacked up for a higher entrance to the bowl. Margaret heading up:

Me going up:

Suzanne on the way up. I think the range behind her is Waddington, where we are heading in May:


And reaching the top:

And down again….


Later, the evening Alpenglow over Abel was spectacular:

The moon was up too:

The end of a fine day:

Saturday night there was a great Scandinavian themed buffet in place of the usual pot luck.

Amazingly, Sunday dawned even clearer than Saturday, starting off crisp and getting hotter and hotter through the day until everyone was skiing in T-shirts in the afternoon. More like May that February!

We skied a bit with our friend Paul, who showed us what a half-dozen years of being a ski-bum does for your skills. We didn’t see him for dust most of the time!



Even Jacek saw the light and freed his heel:

Suzanne saw the error of her ways and got out her tele skis. See the size of that smile?


I engaged in a little Lurking (an 8 foot pole that you use instead of poles), great fun! (Jacek’s photo).

Everyone had a go:

To put the finishing touch to an amazing weekend a folk band sprang up on the deck of the lodge. Its that kind of place, Mt.Cain.

Jacek’s photos are here:



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