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20090322 Manning (Edited for extra content)

It seems that spring is almost on us. After having failed to ski together all winter, we finally got together with Leo and Karen this weekend for their final weekend of the season patrolling at Manning.

Manning provided its usual mix of good snow, friendly faces and a complete lack of crowds.

Saturday was a beautiful blue sky day, and by the afternoon it was definitely spring skiing in the sunshine.

Angie getting to grips with some steeper terrain:

Karen and Bonnie at the top of Orange, with Hozameen Mountain behind:

Suzanne re-learning to love her tele skis:

Karen on the groomers:

Angie making great progress with her tele-turns:

Suzanne enjoying the ride on Orange Chair:


Either Karen is really small, or those goggles are really huge!:

Angie was working on her technique, Suzanne got this video of her. The tele is coming along nicely:


We ended the day with a traditionally Canadian tail-gate party (Suzanne’s photo):

We were invited to stay at the volunteer ski patrol’s (very swanky) hut on Saturday night, which meant great food:

….good times:



…and alcohol fuelled entertainment:

By Sunday morning the warm soft snow had frozen rock hard, so Suzanne and I headed into the backcountry for the morning in search of powder while Angie caught up on studying.

We found some powder Suzanne’s photo):

Me ready for another run (Suzanne’s photo):

Suzanne on the second run down:

and some signs of spring:


After an afternoon on the icy groomers we headed home, sad that it was the last we would see of Manning this season.


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