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20090524 Skaha biking and climbing

Last weekend we headed over to Penticton to join Marc, Nikki, Andy and Lina for the second annual Fig Rolls Racing spring training camp.

For various complicated reasons we didn’t end up riding with them at all, but we all camped and climbed together. It was a really nice hot weekend, it won’t be long before it is too hot for biking in the interior, so we’ll have to wait for the fall for our next visit.

Angie riding on the Naramata (Three Blind Mice) trails:

Andy topping out on a little 5.8:


Angie top-roping the route to the side:


Angie on another route later:


Lina torquing an edge:

Lina on a 5.8":


Marc takes a break:




Nikki showing that she does show up on film, despite her protests:


A quickdraw. Best to have some of these:


Angie starts up “Hiking with Howie” a 5.9 with a couple of cool roofs:

Angie pulling the top roof on “Hiking…”:

Time to head home:


The gang heading off the the car at the end of another classic Skaha day:



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