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20090803 Denman, Hornby and Comox

For the BC Day long weekend we made our annual (well annual except for last year) pilgrimage to Hornby Island to go biking.

Friday night Angie and I, Andy and Lina, Dave and Geraldine, and Kala all made our way to the wonderfully eclectic Earth Club Factory on Denman. Marc and Nikki joined us the following morning to head over to Hornby.

Marc on the Hornby ferry:

Andy on the Ford’s Cove trail:

Geraldine on the same trail:

Angie and Lina cooling off in the cool breeze at the top of the climb:

Heading down:

Kala on the way down:

There aren’t a lot of stunts on Hornby, but on the next lap we passed this log and couldn’t resist a go. Andy about to dismount:

I made it on my second attempt:

Angie on the trail lower down:     

Nikki on the cliff-top:

Back at the top, Kala zooming along the cliff trail:

Angie in the same spot:

The whole clan at the cliff-top viewpoint:

Finished for the day, back at the ferry terminal to head back to Denman:

The pub by the ferry terminal has a “green” roof, complete with lawnmower:

Back on Denman we eventually managed to find the secret swimming spot. The lake was like bathwater, much silliness ensued:

Next day, more of the same. Ferry back to Hornby, zoom along to Ford’s Cove, then climb up the mountain. Angie climbing:


Geraldine, still smiling:

Lina ripping the smooth trail down:

Angie in the same spot:

Andy hits a little jump:

Lower down we hit “Yur Mama”, the only stunty trail on the island. Andy hit a couple of the gap jumps – I just laid cowering on the ground and watched:

Lina on one of the fast, dusty sections:

Roadside art:


After lunch, time for a stop at the Tribune Bay beach:


After heading back to Denman, and stopping for another swim in the lake, we headed back to Vancouver Island and up to Marc and Nikki’s in Comox. Time for dinner on the beach:

Marc and Andy test out the British Beer Boat:

Matty wonders if they need rescuing:

“Should I go get them?”:

That night we camped on the beach just round the headland. Night shot:

Next morning the tide was out and the Herons were fishing:


The group (not) acting their age:

Then it was time to cool off by tubing down the Puntledge! Andy’s car all ready to go:


Unfortunately taking a $1000 camera tubing wouldn’t be a great idea, so that’s it for pics. Suffice to say much fun was had by all. We didn’t even have to wait for the ferry on the way home (though the other car just missed the first boat).

Another fine weekend!


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