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20120423 Angie’s return to normal life

Last week was the end of Angie’s long haul, she finished her undergrad! I had been saving a couple of days of vacation so that we could celebrate with a long weekend away. With a dodgy forecast on the coast, we decided to head east of the Cascades to the Washington desert in search of sun.

Five of hours of driving through torrential rain later, we dropped down from Snoqualmie pass, the rain stopped and the stars came out. After camping at the KOA in Ellensburg and a lazy breakfast at a cute 100 year old hotel downtown, we drove down to Yakima where I had heard there was some good biking. Revolution Cycles gave us a map and pointed us in the right direction and we were soon zooming through the smooth, fast desert singletrack.

1 - angie yakima 1 Angie gets faster every time she rides:2 - angie zooming    She is especially fast when heading for the winery tasting room:


3 - tasting room

Dropping back into the canyon from the winery:

4 - cornering


5 - singletrack ribbon

Friday night we stayed at the state park in Yakima, and returned to the same area to ride on Sunday in even hotter weather:

19 - angie fast corner

We were pretty burnt by the time we got back to the car!

6 - fence

That night we went back to the Ellensburg KOA to be closer to the climbing, and for a long luxurious hot shower!

Next day we went east to Vantage to climb at Frenchman’s Coulee. The Feathers were packed, but we managed to get quite a few routes in during the day, from 5.4 to 5.8.

Angie topping out on the shady side: 7 - angie on feathers

Ready to climb round on the sunny side:

 8 - angie in sun

Me having fun rapping off:

9 - paul rapping

After we were done for the day we took a walk over to the impressive main crag.

View from the roadside:

10 - desert view

Angie with the Kingpins, some of the best climbing here:

 11 - angie at kingpins

Can you say “splitter crack”?

12 - splitter cracks

Obligatory timer shot on the rim:

13 - paul angie on rim

Monday, we decided to have a tourist day, so after another huge breakfast downtown we headed of to Roslyn, the little town where Northern Exposure was filmed. It turns out to be a cute old mining town nestled on the edge of the mountains, with a wild-west feel.

Joel Fleischman’s surgery is now a gift shop:

 14 - joels surgery

The cafe sign from the opening credits:

15 - roslyn cafe

The Brick was unfortunately closed:

 16 - the brick

 17 - us at joels

The rest of the day was spend shopping and taking our time making our way back home. A great weekend, it really felt like summer!

Back home this week Angie launched into summer by starting work on the garden:

18 - angie gardening


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