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20121007 Winthrop Thanksgiving Part II – Angel’s Staircase

Sunday was the “big ride”, one of our favourites, the Angel’s Staircase.

Jacek claimed not to have ridden his bike for a year, yet still managed to beat almost everyone up the hill:

21 -  jacek

The larches were turning golden in the Alpine:

22 - meadow

Lunch stop, and the beginning of the end of Andy’s ride. Turns out cheap Chinese carbon rims aren’t the bargain they appear, as they have a nasty habit of tearing holes in your tyres:

23 - puncture #2

Cooney Lake, not frozen this time:

24 - lake

I am the champion!

26 - champion

View from the top of the ridge, after the hike-a-bike

25 - view from top

Looking down at Kala making her way up:

27 - kala hikeabike

Almost there:

28 - kala summit

Me riding up to the ridge crest at the top of the Angel’s Staircase:

29 - paul ridge

 30 - paul ridge 2

Chris on the ridge:31 - chris ridge

Chris, Jacek and Kala:32 - ridge

The singlespeeders, Adam and Kevin:33 - singlespeeders on ridge

Looking into the Chelan valley which was filled with smoke from the forest fires:34 - smoky chelan

Adam at the bottom of the staircase:35 - kevin

Kala riding through the larches:36 - kala staircase

More amazing views from near Horsehead Pass:37 - larches

Nearly there, keep pushing boys!38 - singlespeeders pushing

Jacek waits for the slackers to arrive at Horsehead Pass:39 - horsehead pass

It’s all downhill from here – the cars are down there, at the bottom of a 3000ft, 7 mile singletrack descent. There is no better way to end an epic ride!

40 - horsehead pass view


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