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20130203 If that was Junuary, this must be Februly

Yet another warm, sunny day out in the mountain last sunday. This time just Meaghan, Kala and I. A long day trip to the Duffey Lake Road for me, but with meeting the girls in Squamish we could share the driving to make it managable.

We climbed Mt.Rohr by heading up the shoulder and round the ridge, then back down the valley through Rohr Lake. Quite a long day, about 7 hours total, but great views all day and out in the sun for most of it.

As we left Squamish the sun was rising over the Tantalus range:

1 - sunset tantalus

Looking back towards Pemberton as we climbed Rohr Shoulder:

2 - duffey view

Cayoosh, a climb that is on the list for the coming weeks:

3 - cayoosh


4 - meg

Kala and Meaghan on the climb:

5 - kala and meg

Cresting out onto the ridge:

7 - end of the climb

A steep little travers to get through a cliff band on the ridge. Luckily there was a skin track already in to show the way:

8 - kala steep traverse

Looking across at Matier (on the left) and Joffre (centre):

9 - matier joffre group

Girls on the summit:

10 - meg kala summit

Obligatory summit shot self timer:

11 - summit shot

Meg negotiating the wind-hammered snow off the summit:

12 - meg ski off summit

Heading down into the valley:

13 - skiing down

Kala coming into the better snow with the summit behind, and the huge group of snowshoers who were about to get benighted (they were still below the summit at 3pm):

14 - kala descending

Looking back up the valley from Rohr lake to the summit in the background:

15 - looking back up

Despite my compact camera being several generations newer than my SLR, there is no contest when it comes to image quality, definitely worth carrying the weight on a day like this!


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  1. Looks like a fantastic day!

    February 9, 2013 at 4:51 pm

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